Friday, December 17, 2010

How to fix a dead motherboard

Check the power supply. In the state of the power cord from the power supply off, disconnect the cable socket mounted on Mainboard Atx1. Once separated, attach the power cord back in, connect / shortkan green wire with black cable, check whether the power supply fan spinning? If the rotating means good power supply. Remove the cable connections and reattach the cables were Atx1 to the motherboard. Check the Clear CMOS Jumper, whether in Clear or Free position, usually when a new motherboard, the position of the CMOS jumper on the Clear position. Check the IC chipset in a state connected and in the Switch On, whether or not excessive heat, over-heat means the chipset is already damaged. For CMOS IC part so far not been sold freely.

Check also whether the switch on its functioning. Unloading the Motherboard carefully, you try to wear clean thinners, if you can use thinner bottles do that on the tin. After you dry clean. Replace the IC regulator which is located around the ATX power socket on the motherboard. Replace Elko that seated 1000 s / d 3300 uf / 10 Volt ATX power connector is located near the motherboard. Be careful to make sure the components apart pairs power cable not connected to the mains.

sources : Adipedia


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